Khulna Development Authority

Thursday, April 18, 2019

12:33 AM

Audit Section

1. To take into account for scrutiny and correction of the following subject matters of KDA and   their errors, drawbacks   along with financial irregularities, if any:

i. Any bills and pay bills of employees.

ii. The different registers of the different sections of financial

iii. Different works estimate, measurement book, tender agreement
and bills of works


iv. Different registers of the allotted plots, stalls etc in estate

      v. Service books and pay fixation report of employees.

vi. Different cash memo and vouchers etc.

2.   To immediately audit the files of different sections of KDA and record the audit servations.

3.   To prepare monthly and half-yearly Audit reports and send to the Ministry of Housing and

      Public Works.

4.   To prepare working paper of different meeting of audit objections for alleviation.

5.   To examine the quarterly report of audit objections from Directorate of Works Audit and to

      maintain the audit objection register

6.  To send broad sheet reply to the Ministry of Housing and Public Works or Directorate of

     Works Audit time to time.

7.  To accomplish the delegated duties by the Chairman of the Authority