Khulna Development Authority

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

5:35 PM

Message From Chairman

Khulna Development Authority (KDA) was established on 21st January 1961 as a semiautonomous body by an ordinance called “The Khulna Development Authority Ordinance, 1961” with the mission to build a better Khulna and its suburb.  It is one of the oldest cities. The second port of Bangladesh is in Khulna Division.   The city is mainly noted for jute, newsprint and prawn productions’ industries.   The Bhairob/Rupsha river flowing along the eastern side of the city adds a unique beauty and sets the extension of cities boundary.  The Sundarbans, the greatest Mangrove forest of the world, are located in Khulna Division. The city is blessed with both Government and non- Government  Universities, Medical Colleges, Engineering Universities, many renowned schools and colleges providing an excellent environment for education. With all these, Khulna contributes a lot to the development of national economy.

Considering the economic, natural and environmental importance of the city,  the first Master Plan of Khulna City was prepared  in 1961 covering an area of 181.29 sq km. The work of the Second Master Plan, covering  an area of 451.18 sq km, started in 1997 and completed in 2001. A Detailed Area Plan for an area of 181.26  sq km  initiated in 2010   and completed in 2014, is being awaited for a gazette notification. For the planned development of Mongla Port City, the existing Master Plan extending up to Mongla Town covering an area of 373.58 sq km was prepared and gazetted in 2006 and 2014 respectively.    At present, the total jurisdiction area of KDA is about 824.76 sq km of which only  46 sq. km  within the area of  Khulna City Corporation (KCC).

The city belongs to all of us. One has to know the Land Use Zoning before buying or selling land. We should build houses following ‘The Building Construction Act’. In case of any disasters/catastrophes’, rescue work is hampered due to unplanned urbanization along with narrowed space around the affected areas. The width of roads is mentioned in the Master Plan and DAP.  One should refrain from narrowing the road to keep clear of the traffic jam. The most important fact is that one should abstain from filling up reservoirs or any natural sources of water to keep the natural drainage system free. Those  who build and are building  residential houses, have to keep enough space as set back as per rules and regulations. Registration of this residential area is mandatory for everyone/every developer company.

The Government is taking different projects for the development of Khulna through KDA and other associated government agencies. The Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promises for Digital Bangladesh and KDA is achieving that landmark. Khulna Development Authority (KDA) is also committed to ensure a better service and healthy environment for the city dwellers.  To provide the best service within the shortest possible time, KDA has already taken different initiatives by preparing Citizen Charter, One Stop Service Center, arranging Public Hearing, Complain Cell appointing a Focal Point Officer for each. To eliminate/alleviate the traffic congestion in Khulna City, KDA has constructed and widened different roads. In order to provide housing facilities, KDA has developed various housing projects in different parts of the city.  So far KDA has handed over almost 5000 plots to the people. Besides these, KDA has developed three Commercial Areas, one Industrial Area, six Markets, Inter District Bus Terminal, Community Center, College, Children Parks and other Welfare Projects at various locations in the city.  KDA promises to build a planned Khulna and execute Development Strategy of the government.

We welcome all your good suggestion and opinion for a better Khulna.




Brigadier General  Ahmedul Kabir, ndc


Khulna Development Authority

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