Khulna Development Authority

Thursday, April 18, 2019

12:34 AM

Project Section

1.    To prepare 5 year Plan and Annual Development Programme and submit the same to the  Chief Engineer.

2.    To prepare estimates for construction materials to be procured departmentally for

      execution of schemes and submit the same to the Chief Engineer.

3.    To call for Tenders for procurement of materials on the basis of estimates approved by the Chairman.

4.    To prepare comparative statements of Tender received and submit the same to the Chief Engineer.

5.    To issue work order for supply of materials, and arrange for storage of materials supplied

       by the contractor, and to prepare bills of the contractors for the supply.

6.    To initiate punitive action against the contractor for delay without reasonable grounds or  inferior quality supply.

7.    To issue departmental materials to the working contractors as per
indents passed by the Executive Engineer (Works).

8.    To maintain stock Accounts of departmental materials.

9.    To ensure maintenance of vehicles and machinery.

10.  To prepare monthly report, quarterly report and annual report regarding implementation of

       KDA Schemes in PIB form and other reports & returns to the Govt.

11.  To sign the M.B. after required checking of the work.

12.  To ensure proper functioning of the Section.